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  1. Welcome to Zcar Blogs

    Greetings and welcome to the Classic Zcar Club BLOG area. We have set aside this area for members who wish to host their own private Z-blog. The idea is this area will be to write articles, show build-updates, and other items related to your own projects. Think of a blog as a "journal" of your adventure. While the blog can be used to create discussions, we encourage everyone to post 2-way conversations in our Forums.

    Enjoy your own personal blog and please feel free to jump ...
  2. Scion FR-S and Z

    As far as affordable, lightweight, and fun to drive sports cars.... did the venture between Toyota and Subaru beat Nissan to the punch with their FR-S?
    This car looks so much like an old Z, I'm beginning to wonder if the rumors around a new 240z are going to show up with a car that looks a lot like the Scion FR-S.

    C'mon Nissan, you've got to do something good for this market!

  3. Article I found about DUI infractions

    Not that anyone here would ever need it, but, I found it interesting that 1 out of 4 people will be arrested for a DUI at some point in their life. Statistically that means that someone in our own club may be stopped. While I am NOT an attorney, nor do I condone or encourage drinking and driving, this article was an interesting find. I saw it in the Seattle Weekly during a visit to the Seattle area on New Years.

    You can find the article here: ...
  4. How to safely purchase online

    Found a great article about purchasing online. This article has a focus on Craigslist, but, the information can be used as a great reference for purchasing on any website -- especially cars and parts.


    How to safely purchase Craigslist used cars online
    6 safety tips to remember when searching Craigslist for cars

    One of the biggest worries that many people have when it comes to purchasing a Craigslist used car is becoming ...
  5. Videos from a few years ago, maiden voyage of the yellow Jedi

    First time this baby was pulled out of the garage and driven down the street. Just in time for the Portland Roadster Show.

    Engine Start:

    First Drive:

    Drive By:

    Return & Walk Around:
    My 71 Z
  6. World's best Datsun 240Z resto-mod?

    Ran across this awhile back and posted it to my blog. I know it's probably old news to some of you but I wanted to share some pretty awesome work done on this classic modified Z. It's an Ebay find article from our friends over at AutoBlog.

    This appears to be one of the most expensive 240z restorations I've seen. You could really consider this a resto-mod, but, who's looking? Very sexy.
    Tags: resto-mod
    On the Web
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  7. Old Journal Entry

    This is an entry from my old journal before turning off that module.

    My Z
    Created this as a backup to my for sale ad, removed when I finished the project.

    The bad thing about having a "new" restoration like this is the old parts. It's soo hard to put an old part next to a new part. While I have all of the old stuff around, there are things that you'll want to replace with new or rebuilt. The two engines should be rebuilt. While I took out the operational L24 ...
  8. Links to my Restoration

  9. Optima Battery Woes

    Looks like my Optima battery was left connected during most of the winter. Duh.. It's now dead. From what I've heard, Optima batteries cannot be charged, so, I'll have to buy a new one. Damn.
  10. Testing my new blog!

    This is great! Now I can post information about my Zcar, shows, and other cool stuff. Nice!!

    Anyway, just a snippet of time here, but, I uploaded a before and after photo of my car.
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