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  1. The great TEXAS Z Car (and foreign Car) rally - 2011

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    Okay, I have been toying with this idea in another thread for a while now and I have some ideas floating around. Since I am not aware of any regional forums I am putting this here.

    I am trying to organize a classic car getaway in the hill and wine country of Texas. Think Fredericksburg.

    A few things to note about this.

    This IS a family friendly event. Spouses are welcome and encouraged.
    This IS an event where classic car lovers get together
  2. So many projects

    Well as the summer heat subsides, the projects start to become more than twinkles in my eye. I am currently sort of fiddling with three.

    1) I am painting and attempting to refinish my very rough passenger engine bay wheel well. It was filled with drilled holes and off color paint and 39 years of dirt. I am learning as I go, as a body and paint man I am not. Plus I am sort of half/assing it by not taking the engine out, so I am taking great pains to make it look like a quality job. ...