• Whats with the Avatar, man?

    So, how many of you are roaming around the site without a suitable graphic that displays your character? Hmm? What am I talking about? Avatars. Everyone should have one.

    Although I think it would be very cool to have a blue 8' tall walking avatar like the movie, it's not really possible on a web forum like ours. Unfortunately, we are forced to settle for small 150x150 pixel images to show our style and attitude.

    I've noticed that a lot of our members are not even using a simple Avatar. Nothing, nada, zip. Well, that should change! To help you get through this transition stage I've uploaded a whole bunch of Avatar images to our system. Easy as pie, simply select one and you're done!

    For those of you who are more into the real personalization, I highly recommend creating or downloading your own Avatar image. This is the ultimate way to express who you are. There are restrictions, but, usually only by size. Our maximum Avatar size is 150 pixels square. You can go smaller, but, who wants that?! Oh, and please refrain from the bare skin Avatars, we don't want to offend anyone....

    To get started with your Avatar, simply click on the "Settings" tab in the upper right of your screen. From there, you can change all kinds of things about your profile, including this Avatar thing I've been talking about. And, for those of you who aren't savvy on the button, just click here.

    Check out the Avatars, and soon you'll be able to express who you are to all of us without even a word in the forums. Who's got what it takes?
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