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The great TEXAS Z Car (and foreign Car) rally - 2011

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Okay, I have been toying with this idea in another thread for a while now and I have some ideas floating around. Since I am not aware of any regional forums I am putting this here.

I am trying to organize a classic car getaway in the hill and wine country of Texas. Think Fredericksburg.

A few things to note about this.

This IS a family friendly event. Spouses are welcome and encouraged.
This IS an event where classic car lovers get together to to share stories, and just hang out.

This IS NOT a competitive timed event. NO stage or sector times.
This IS NOT an event where every second of every day is mapped out for you.

My outline is this so far. This will take place in November/December time frame THIS YEAR.

I am thinking of picking a 'staging location' that has the following characteristics:

Bed and Breakfast, or moderately priced hotel (think between 100-200/night)
Large well lit parking lot to keep classic cars safe and to park trailers for those coming a long way.
Great scenic drives with interesting destinations within 30 min to an hour away.
Good food and entertainment close by to gather and talk about that days escapades.
Decent shopping near by for those who want to pick up an item or two
Away from a congested part of a large city where directions and parking can really be bad and/or confusing.
Close to a reputable garage or mechanic where repairs can be made
Close to a reputable parts house. (NAPA, Car Quest, Autozone, etc)

I have been thinking the hill country somewhere outside of Austin at first, but now I am leaning toward the Frederiskburg, TX. It checks more of the boxes.

My plan is to make this a 3 day, 2 night affair.
One cruise route will be organized per day, and it will be voluntary of course.
The rest of the time people can go as they please and see sights as they wish. Folks can pair up with their friends or not.

Think Casual. I am hoping to get enough attendance that a makeshift carshow can happen one evening. Probably the second night.

Possible locations are places like:

This looks like a fun place which is car AND car show friendly. It has nice accommodations and seems very friendly and interesting. I love old airplanes so this is good for me.

I will begin a tentative list of attendees here.

Frank C.i

Please PM me if you are interested in this.