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Thread: RIP Sport Compact Car

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    Default RIP Sport Compact Car

    This may be a little bit of a 'tuner' magazine for most on this site, but I know I have gained much knowledge from the likes of Dave Coleman et al. Especially the "Rally Beater" 510

    Source Interlink kills Sport Compact Car, laying off 115 employees

    Posted Nov 21st 2008 4:01PM by Damon Lavrinc
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    We just got off the phone with Joey Leh, former editor of Sport Compact Car, who informed us that the majority of the magazine's staff was laid off yesterday and that the February issue will be the last SCC you'll find on newsstands. The death of SCC follows Source Interlink's execution of Turbo earlier this year, and reports suggest that 115 employees have been given the boot and more titles could be axed in the future.

    Sport Compact Car was the go-to title for gearheads obsessed with small displacement engines, forced induction, number crunching and the black arts of ECU and suspension tuning, with a dedicated focus on down-and-dirty tech, unique reviews, stellar writing and going fast on a budget. Both the page count and circulation numbers have dropped over the last five years, although according to our sources, ad revenue was up and distribution was holding steady.

    On a personal note, SCC was the magazine that got this scribe hooked on driving and the finer points of air-to-fuel ratios, provided me with my first freelance gig and inspired me primarily through the writings of Dave Coleman, Josh Jacquot, Mike Kojima, Andy Hope, James Tate, John Pearley Huffman and Jared Holstein, among many others to pursue my dream of writing about cars. SCC will be sorely missed and the world is truly a worse place without it.

    Hit the jump to see a list of everyone who has made Sport Compact Car possible over the last two decades.

    UPDATE: We've gotten word that Truck Trend has also been canned. According to our commentators on the inside of Truck Trend, the mag hasn't been cancelled -- it's being "restructured."
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    SCC wasn't that great anyway. I bought a few issues a few years ago, and wasn't impressed by them, nor any others I looked through at the newstands or that friends had.

    It was never about "down a dirty tech", and especially NOT about going fast on a budget. It was always about how much could be shown in each article of thier advertisers and sponsors, just like every other magazine.

    Turbo, as cited in the above post isn't much better than SCC, though it does deal with one of my interests directly, those hair dryers that make that sweet sweet sound.....

    But I've still only bought a few issues, when I do find some tech artical or feature car that could shed some ideas on going fast on a budget, but usually it's about the advertisers and how much of thier product can be featured.

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