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Thread: Installation -- Door window weatherstripping?

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    Default Installation -- Door window weatherstripping?

    I can't seem to find any info on the chrome strip with the weatherstripping attached to it. Do these just pop on and off of the door sill, or is there some sort of screw I need to find before I break something? I'm looking at the chrome piece that runs horizontally along the bottom edge of the window on the doors.

    Similarly, what's the correct mounting of the felt piece that attaches to the the interior liner? Is that supposed to be stapled, glued, or clamped on? The ones that are in there now have little U shaped clamps that I rerouted under the old felt, since they rubbed on the windows.

    Thanks for any replies!

    '72 240z/L26/roundtop SUs

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    the chrome strip just pops off provided someone didn't glue it down before you

    the felt strip is at least on my car stapled to a metal lip on the door panel
    tough cookie to get off, and tougher yer to cleanly replace...

    good luck

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