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Thread: Starting on my Zed Project soon

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    Smile Starting on my Zed Project soon

    Hi all!

    Just checking back in after a bit of an absence... I used to be a regular poster on this site about 5 years ago when I worked a lot of night shift but as my jobs changed I wasn't able to post nearly as much!

    I've noticed a few familiar people still around the traps while I've been reading the site over the years and now finally I'm in a position to no only post again but start my Zed project!

    I'm building up a 1973 240Z that has been sitting in my shed for the full 5 years, and I'm now thinking that a Wangan Midnight replica would be good fun I've seen a few in the gallery and I'm getting keen to get started. Someone is going to have to tell me how the 'Devil Zed' holds together with a twin turbo 3 litre stroker in it! Crazy.

    At the same time as building up my Wangan replica I've started co authoring a car enthusiast site for another classic Japanese car that most people haven't heard of. The Isuzu Bellett, predecessor to the Isuzu/GM Impulse/Gemini/Chevette.

    Can anyone comment if these cars made it to the States at all? Most of the literature and build numbers are in Japanese and there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to the build spec, dates, import numbers, anything! And what we can find is in Japanese!

    I think 17,000 sedans were brought to Australia, about 1000 coupes, and 120 utes. South America got some, and possibly Mexico...

    Anyway, if you want more info on the humble Bellett swing past our site at which will be coming soon, or We are updating it daily with brochures and other info so check back and you might learn some useless facts to dazzle at dinner parties

    It would be great if our little site gained the popularity of this one (great work Mike and other moderators!) but I don't think the humble Bellett has quite the following or pedigree that the Zed has.

    Happy motoring all and I look forward to posting again and remaking old acquaintances

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