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Thread: Which PCV tube?

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    Default Which PCV tube?

    I am swapping out my flat tops for a fresh set of round tops from ztheapy. Which PCV tube will I need? The 70 or 71-72 or something different? What's the difference?

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    Default J m'excuse

    You might want to try searching this forum:

    I just searched, and there's a few threads on flat-round top swaps -- but no mention of PCV tube. Sorry I can't help you.
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    Are you talking about the hose from the block to the balance tube, or the hose from the valve cover to air cleaner?

    I kept the original hose for the block to balance tube connection. The person I bought the air cleaner from on ebay threw in his old hose for the valve cover to air cleaner. It looks like nothing more than 1/2" oil resistant hose (maybe a slightly larger size ID, I've never measured)
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