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    So basically my problem is ; i bought a Bosal Exhaust from Advance auto parts that looks like this Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	51085 for an 83 280zx , and underneath looks like this Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Mufflerr.jpg 
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ID:	51086. I can't seem to snake the muffler through since it's in one piece, i'm wondering if i have to dismantle the rear suspension, which seems like a lot of work to do to install an exhaust system. Please, if you have any knowledge or help, let me know!

    p.s this is my first z car, and the first car i've done manual repairs on, so i'm in the dark about a lot of things.

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    Did the exhaust system you bought from Advance come in on piece? That would be one heck of a shipping box... If it did, you should be able to snake it in with the car jacked, and the rear left wheel off, though I can only imagine it'd be a pain in the neck to do so.
    If it proves impossible, I would cut the new system in the area of the flange on the FSM picture, then have a muffler shop weld on connectors to the new ends.
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    There's a chapter on Engine Control, Fuel & Exhaust System in the FSM -

    It does mention removing a cross-member to remove the muffler. Installation is reverse of removal.

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