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Thread: 240k brake parts interchangability

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    Default 240k brake parts interchangability

    Hi all,
    I am rebuilding the brakes of a 240k. I am struggling to find much in the way of stuff advertised as 240k/c110, but have a strong feeling that wheel cylinder kits/master cylinder kits/sumimoto caliper rebuild kits etc are probably common to a bunch of other Datsun models.
    Anyone know what brake/clutch items are common, and which are K only?

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    the datsun 610 shares the C110 in many parts, vaccum booster, master cylinder, rear brake shoe and rear wheel cylinder , minor differences only 7/8 or 13/16 tube sizes.
    the C130 shares the C110 the front double pistons sumitomo caliper and pad
    the C110 240k is a not normal car

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    Thanks champ! I see quite a bit of reasonable priced 610 stuff on ebay, so that's a good start.

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