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Thread: Will MSA's fiberglass radiator shroud fit a 2 row champion radiator?

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    Default Will MSA's fiberglass radiator shroud fit a 2 row champion radiator?

    I recently installed a 2 row Champion radiator on my 71 240Z. I also installed twin electric radiator fans. The radiator is a great product. The electric fans not so much. Poor cooling in stop and go traffic, and they draw lots of amps. I run a 160 thermostat which keeps the temp fine when moving, but for extended stops or idling, the temp gauge climbs more than I feel comfortable with. I think the stock fan with a correctly functioning clutch and a SHROUD, is the way to go. So, has anyone installed the MSA aftermarket shroud to the Champion radiator without having to modify anything? I still have my original metal fan, but I tossed my old radiator and have no way to compare it to the Champion radiator. Thanks, Chris.

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    I'm using a Champion 2-row with a stock plastic clutch fan, no shroud. Cools great, even in 100deg+ weather. This is precisely why I stayed with the stock fan after considering e-fans. It cools better and doesn't add any extra circuitry or stress on the (already weak) charging system.
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    The MSA Shroud fit my stock 240z radiator, except I couldn't get the AC pulley off and had to file a small area at the bottom. When I put the MSA aluminum 3-row (looks just like the champion brand, including the brackets and holes) had to drill a new hole (or enlarge the existing hole) in the angle brackets on each side to make the shroud fit right. No big deal, took about 10 minutes to measure it up and drill. Also beefed up the shroud with some extra fiberglass on the inside.

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