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Thread: '77 280z Removing Rear Bumper Shocks for Bumper Delete

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    Question '77 280z Removing Rear Bumper Shocks for Bumper Delete


    I understand that the passenger side shocks are harder to remove because it usually requires dropping the gas tank, but I cannot figure out how to get to the upper bolts of the housing/shield/cover on the driver's side bumper shocks? Would cutting it (or the whole shock) be easiest?

    Sidenote: The fin on the back of the car that flushes the rear end to the bumper -- how does this come off? (Looks like small welds maybe?) Thanks!

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    Only way is to drop the tank to get the passenger side shock out. While you are at it; check the fuel hoses. Banzai Motorworks (GF-17 & GF-18)

    The section that the bumper mounts to (curved like a banana) will fit through the oval hole in the body.

    The panel is spot welded and has 4 small brackets under it for extra support. You can cut the brackets and move the panel up and down which will show you where the spot welds are. Then it grinding them away or using a spot weld drill bit. Then the paint work....
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