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    Default Spindal bolts

    Ladies and Gents

    Have a question for you guys. My Z is making a rather annoying squeaking noise from the front suspension occasionally. I took the tire off and tightened everything on the front suspension per torque specs. I do have a bit of a question. I replaced the brakes which required taking off all the hub and all. When I reinstalled it I tighted the hub bolt - the one that sits on the spindal - by hand and then a quarter or so turn with a wrench. If this was loose, could this cause any issues - persay a sound.

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    There is a proceedure in the FSM for tightening that nut. You torque it to a spec while spinning the hub then back it off some until the cotter pin can be put through. Being a bit loose generally won't cause noise, but if the bearing is not tight, it will wear quickly and then cause noise. The FSM is availble from the reference link in my sig.

    Check if the backing plate rubs the brake rotor. It may have been bent during the brake job.
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    I have not seen this issue on a Z, but on several other cars I have owned the brake rotor has worn to the point that the braking surface is below the height of the center hub,and the side of the pad was rubbing on the edge of the hub area. This produces a squeaking sound. If this is the problem you just need to replace the rotors and the pads.
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