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    Default Cowl Drain

    I pulled off both front fenders on the weekend. Not too bad apart from significant rust on both the fenders and frame at the bottom behind the front wheels. This also happens to be where the cowl drain points to.

    Anyway, I happened to look at Escanlon's gallery for some unknown reason and noticed he had fixed this cowl drain problem by attaching a tube to direct the water out of the panel. Once I fix the rust up I am definitely going to do something similar for my Z, as well as giving the whole area a liberal dosing of POR-15.

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    Default Excellent!

    I'm glad you saw that picture.

    Sorry I hadn't posted anything about it along with the picture, I had posted something on a post regarding Avoiding Rust or something like that.

    Basically I got a 45 PVC Elbow to fit into the rubber hose that goes through the side wall (Kick Panel Metal) and to the cowl drains which are located inside the passenger compartment. The PVC Elbow was both siliconed and nylon strapped in place. Next was a piece of clear Poly tubing, since that was what was available at the hardware store. You could use different tubing or hose and get the same effect. Then I routed it towards the frame rail behind the splash guard and in front of the rocker panel.

    At the exit point I cut the tube at a diagonal with the opening facing back towards the passenger compartment and down towards the ground. The reason for that is so that I wouldn't get splash up from the front tire being forced up into the tube and then have the air pressure force it up into the cowl. The diagonal directed as I did will also allow a bit of a venturi effect and drain the cowl during rain better than just gravity.

    Again, glad it helped someone.

    Enrique Scanlon

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    Default make ya go HMMMMM

    Your fix sounds great.I would like to add a tip.When inhouse vacuums or ac drains are installed you reduce the mouth size.That way nothing that gets in the line is large enough to get caught in the 45.Leaves and pine needles are seasonaly tough in my part of the world.A plastic screen may work for you,again here mix seasonal wet pollen with leaves and dust and it make a paste like gorilla snot.Clogs the screen Have fun!! Daniel

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