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Thread: SU Carbs are on but still wont start up

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    Default SU Carbs are on but still wont start up

    Hey guys, I have a 11 of 73 260z so it is a 74. When I got the car, it had hitachi flat tops on and after going through all the tests weather or not if I had spark, getting fuel to the carbs, etc... I have a really usefully manual that belongs to my dad, he was the one who got me into Z cars. Anyways, I got a pair of SU round tops of an 72 240z, my dad said that once I get them, and put them on the car should start right up. After putting them on and going through all the tests again, the right carb is getting fuel in the float, but the left carb is a total different story, I cleaned it out and put it back together, but no matter what I do it does not get gas. The only way I can start up the car is by spraying starter fluid and it will fire up, but it does not hold its idle. I am at a lose right now, can anyone give me some insight and advice?

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    Yes, someone can. They're probably going to need to see some pictures of this car, though, something about it's history, and so on. Was it running OK with the flat tops?
    What test did you do?
    Maybe one of three things. Clogged banjo bolt or filter, clogged float valve, kinked nozzle hose, low float setting, high mix setting, clogged nozzle, stuck piston, linkage not adjusted, butterfly out of adjustment, choke not adjusted, fuel rail or hose plugged. Ok twelve. Maybe more but that's all I can think of.

    Sounds like a minor issue if it was running before.

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    Also make sure the nozzles are dropping down when the choke lever is pulled. If you can't richen the mixture, the car will probably not hold an idle until warmed up. If this comment or the one above do not make sense, you need to get hold of the Z therapy carb video and watch it a few times.
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