So over the weekend i went to my favorite California junk yard and saved a 1971 240z
I saw the car last year and was promised the car so i finally went and got it along with 1957 chevy napco 4x4 pickup
this weekend was definitely a score.

the car is silver but the original color shows red throughout the entire interior since its been gutted down to a autosport cage
2 original seats and the dash.

The wheels are 280zx turbo mesh wheels and it has a 5 speed in it.

Im thinking someone was doing a 280 with su carbs and trans an diff swap on the car and somehow it ended up in junk yard.

the dog legs and the front lower fenders are the only rust issues floors are great the trunk is perfect and the deck lid pinch weld underneath is ok

I plan to keep the car but its going to need the rust repaired and original paint done sooner or later.
I want to find the factory a/c unit fan control for the dash and most likely delete the radio.
the passenger fender is pretty tweaked and might just be cheaper to buy both front fenders instead of repairing mine since both are a bit rusty.

anyways if anyone junked a 240z in ridgecrest ca let me know because im the new owner haha and i would like to find out why and when this car was taken off the road.