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Thread: Otomoto 240k to c110 gtr replica, need parts to finish this project please help

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    Default Otomoto 240k to c110 gtr replica, need parts to finish this project please help

    HI Guys

    a dream car is bought ,
    every one know the otomoto 240k project,
    now its mine,
    in the next few weeks we will start the process in getting this amazing car on the road,
    we are missing some parts,

    any help will be great

    first this would be the

    GUARD INDICATOR both left and right

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    Ah so you bought it????? Fanatastic !! Was worried it went overseas.

    What city are you located, just wondering if it made it's way to Melbourne.

    I bought a NOS fender indicator set (L+R) i saw on local flea bay, but theyre on Yahoo Japan quite a bit. If you go through Jesse Streeter or Jason from JDM Factory (in my sig) they can hook you up. Also there is Import Monster.

    I'll link some if i can find any.

    And where are the photos???? Last photo i saw was a snap of it being loaded onto a trailer, being towed by a 4wd loaded up with boxes.

    Great purchase again, and can't wait to see what happens to her.

    1975 HGC110 "YONMERI" Datsun 240K GL Sedan
    1976 KHGC110 "KENMERI" Datsun 240K GL Coupe

    1978 MGC210 "Japan" Datsun 240K sedan (sold)

    Contact Jason at for all your YJ / JDM needs !!

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    ?ha? ? ????????? ??????????? ?? ? - ????????????? - ????! .

    i got a set here if u want some 2nd hand in the mean time
    Wanted: Hardtop interior pieces

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