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Thread: Chrome look on fiberglass/plastic

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    Default Chrome look on fiberglass/plastic

    I would like to have clean shaven bumpers on my 240 with no mounting holes for the rubbers. I think I have two options. I could weld up the holes on the bumpers and try getting the metal perfectly straight and gettem chrome dipped. And then there's the fiberglass bumpers that MSA sells. I want a chrome appearance so I was wondering if it is possible to get some kind of coating on the fiberglass ones like how new cars have a coating on plastic trim to make them look chrome. Is this possible?

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    It's possible, but I'd imagine it's gonna be kinda expensive to have the fiberglass plated.. and then there's the waviness that is usually associated with fiberglass parts.

    The "euro" style bumpers are still available as far as I know, or shoudl I say they were not too long ago. Set you back about 700 or so, front and rear.

    I think the cheapest alternative would be to weld up the holes on the ones you have now if they don't have any dents that need attention and have them re-plated, but I don't know what a plater would charge.
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    Exclamation I have been trying for months......

    Bumper Boyz in L.A. Will Do your bumpers (front and rear) for around $700 talk to Carlos Jr. and tell him you want the smoothies for your"Z". They are the premier show plating outfit in So Cal. I tried other places to do the same work, average $ was $1055.00 or more.

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