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Thread: Upper windshield chrome piece

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    Default Upper windshield chrome piece

    I ordered a chrome windshield trim kit from Black Dragon two years ago and just got around to getting my new windshield installed. The guy installing my new windshield glass wasn't able to save the old long chrome piece that runs across the top. I thought I was safe since I had already bought the new chrome. To my surprise the new set didn't have the top piece with it! When I called BD I was informed that it was out of their return period and that I was boned! Long story still somewhat long, does anybody know where I can just get the top piece of windshield chrome for my 72?

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    Have you checked with the Nissan Dealer. Since this trim piece is the same for so many years of Z ,they may still carry the part. Otherwise , hit the Bone Yard. A used one can be polished back to new condition.
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    I have some. Please PM me.
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