I just replaced the hatch with all new Precision seals on my 240Z after painting. I have replaced 240Z hatches before and never had a problem, but this time the hatch sits high such that it doesn't line up with the body. Looking under the hatch from the rear I can see light between the rubber seal and the hatch. The top of the hatch lines up with the roof, but the aft end of the hatch surface sits above the body line about 1/8". Could it be the Precision inner and/or outer seals causing the problems? Any ideas?

Speaking of seal problems I had problems with both MSA and Black Dragon hatch seals. The channel for the SS center strip was deformed in the corners on the MSA seal and too wide on the Black Dragon seal. I eneded up buying an original seal from Courtesy Nissan which fit perfect. I believe that MSA is having the seal maufacturer make up new tooling for the hatch seal.