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Thread: 240z grill on a 260z

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    Default 240z grill on a 260z


    I have a late model 260z. I want to put a 240z grill on it-what do I need to make this happen. Does it bolt right up or does it need modifacations, if so what mods.


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    No zdude, it won't bolt up, the lower brackets on the 240 grill face outboard, where the 260's face inboard. I took a 240 and 260 grill and used the three long grill slats from each to make a full grill which dosen't have the grill pockets. I used the 260 vertical supports but had to swap the lower corner brackets from the 240 to make the thing work without modifing thr car.
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    If you look closely you can see the 260 brackets in the pic, and how they turn in, where the 240 you have turnes out. Being the pack rat that I am I still have the 260 brackets, they are easy enough to swap out, PM me if you need em, just pay shipping and they are yours.

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