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Thread: Video: 2012 Nissan Project 370Z vs 1970 240Z

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    Default Video: 2012 Nissan Project 370Z vs 1970 240Z

    • 'Nissan Project 370Z' vs Gordon Macswain's 1970 240Z! - from 'The Downshift' Episode 54

      Many months ago, Nissan asked their fans to help them create the ultimate 370Z track car. They called it Project 370Z. To put it to the test, Nissan fans were asked to vote for a challenger to compete against it. They chose a 1970 Datsun 240Z with an RB26 engine transplant built by Gordon MacSwain. On this episode of The Downshift, we head to Las Vegas Motor Speedway for an epic David vs Goliath battle between these two amazing machines.The Downshift appears every other Tuesday on the Motor Trend channel. now to make sure you're in on all the action! - - - -

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    Default Video: 2012 Nissan Project 370Z vs 1970 240Z

    I had a chance to visit with Gordon at ZDayz 2013 at Tail of the Dragon- his car is very nicely done.

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    Is it just me or, for all the effort they put into the 370Z, that the 240 just smoked with an RB26? Put a set of Willwoods and some different tires and rims and I think the 370 loses all but maybe one.
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