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Thread: Japan's Retro Car Kings

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    Default Japan's Retro Car Kings

    I stumbled upon this video when watching some other 240z videos on You Tube. Its a well done piece with lots of content, especially around vintage Nissan's but also some other very cool vintage cars. The subtitle reading is worth it because this gives the viewer a great look at the passion and craftsmanship that these Japanese car builders have. There are a few "dark moments" in the video where I assume a small commercial would have appeared but have no fear, the video comes right back.

    Japan's Retro Car Kings - Saving Classic Japanese Automotive Culture - YouTube

    If you have the means, I watched this using the YT app for my Ipad in full screen mode and used a HDMI dongle for my Ipad so I could watch it on my big screen TV. A true joy for sure.
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    Restoration thread of my old '72 240z ->

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    This video was great. It truly captures the essence of restoring classic cars and the meaning of "the car is the canvas." It also showed both sides of wanting to keep the originality of the car vs. upgrading cars using modern components.

    This is a good video to show your non-car enthusiast friends the meaning of restoring a classic car.

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