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Thread: car won't start, buzzing over fuse box?

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    Default car won't start, buzzing over fuse box?

    I have a '79 280zx non turbo, and I was trying to start it but the engine wouldn't quite kick over because it was about out of gas (it had just started up a half hour ago). So I put a little gas in and tried starting it, got nothing this time but one click sound along with a low buzzing sound coming from the fuse box when I tried cranking it.

    All the lights still worked and when I cranked it none of the lights dimmed to show it was trying to start. Does this sound like it's a blown fuse or possibly a bad starter?

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    sounds like you're ignition relay. I can't say for sure as I have a 280z, but it may be located near the fuse box.
    I looked at it I think it is near the glove box.
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