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Thread: Bench testing my new audio setup --- WOW!

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    Default Bench testing my new audio setup --- WOW!

    Today I put together and bench tested my new audio setup.

    Includes a fancy new JVC headunit, with Ipod controller, bluetooth, HDFM, everything, including a remote control I might try and mount to the steering wheel...

    I'd always gone with Sony & Pioneer (staring with my very first SupertunerIII) but the JVC's controls were more intuitive... I prefer NOT wrecking cars while figuring out how to balance the speakers...

    Picked up a massive amplifier at a pawn shop for $80. 300Watts or so... I got lucky, it works...

    Picked up a German made crossover at same shop for $10

    Picked up a beautiful sounding Yamaha stage monitor @ thrift store for $30 --- 12" wooofer.... blown 6" horn, so I cut out the crossover and just wired directly to the big woof...

    AFTEr figuring out that the 1/4" audio pigtail I had was somehow internally shorted......sending me down several wrong paths...

    Several 2" JBL tweeters from a wheelchair van conversion shop I worked for...

    6x9 JBL midrange just patched in

    Spool of 14 gauge lamp cord (zip wire...)

    Old headunit (Pioneer CD / FM only...) I picked up at a garage sale for $1 for bench testing...

    I had the walls in the garage shaking when I cranked up, immediately blew out one of the JBL tweeters ...
    wired the replacement to the -6dB feed off the crossover to avoid blowing another...

    I can only imagine what this setup will be like inside the Z --- I've got 6x9's midranges mounted behind the seats where the 4" used to be.....some JBL tweets hung from the B-pillars......5 1/4" rounds in the doors.....might put some 4" tweets up playing through the dash....

    and set the stage monitor right behind the behind-the-seat storage boxes...maybe strap it down so it doesn't come flying forward in an accident...

    this was AFTER wiring in a new fuseblock under the dash, running a whole new set of wires under the carpet, drilling through the "rear firewall" to get wiring to the plastic storage compartments.....cutting the bottom off one of those to mount the amp directly to the metal floor under the plastic it's all out of sight of thieves.... but lift the lid and get immediate access to all the wiring...


    Next time some clown next to me is shaking my windows with nasty-lyric RAP music I'm gonna cut loose with Springsteen's BORN TO RUN @ 110db.... hopefully I won't blow out the rear glass...
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