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Thread: '83 280zx Turn signals, power windows, and electrical gauges not working

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    Default '83 280zx Turn signals, power windows, and electrical gauges not working

    The charge light is on in my 280zx and the things that are listed in the title are not working. I replaced the alternator with a known working one I had on hand but that didn't fix it.
    We've checked the fuse panel and none of those accessories are getting any power to them and we noticed that they are running from the same wire. We looked it up in the wiring diagram and it goes back to a circuit breaker but it doesn't say where the circuit breaker is.

    If anyone has any ideas where this circuit breaker is and any other possible causes for the issue I would love to hear them.

    Thanks in advance,

    Also, by electrical gauges I mean the secondary 1/4 tank fuel gauge, the tachometer, and the boost gauge.
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    circuit breaker aka maxi fuse. should be under the hood near the fender or the firewall. or in the panel in the passenger side kick panel... if it's not a blown maxi, then track down the ground connector to them, i looked at the diagrams, and they all have a ground connector in the line. it looks like in the diagram that they're all on the same ground... maybe the wire is nicked and shorted out, or maybe simple as that connector being corroded or loose. . check that out. should be a brown wire according to the diagram. keep us posted on your findings.
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