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Thread: blinker switch problem

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    Default blinker switch problem

    thanks for the people that responded to previous ad about the blinker lights not working. i found out the problem and it ended up being the faulty blinker switch not working anymore. now i got to get that switch and no store carries it anymore , any body have one for sale? thanks

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    First thing to remember is that when you are asking questions about your Z, you should always specify what year car you have, either in the post, or in your signature. Because there are lots of differences between all the years.

    Second, when looking for parts, it is generally best to post a parts wanted ad in the Classifieds section of this forum, rather than posting to the general use areas.

    All that said, I dug down to your profile to see that your car is a '71 240Z. And it turns out that I do have a spare switch from a '71 that I would probably be willing to sell. Send me a PM (Private Message) and we can discuss it.
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    Default has a bunch of good parts, i'd look there.

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