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Thread: Wiring Harness for 280zx turbo

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    Exclamation Wiring Harness for 280zx turbo

    Did anybody know if it have difference in Wiring Harness For Turbo Model???

    I plant to change my auto tranny on my 1981 280 turbo for a T5(FS5W71B). I see few Nissan part number but I'm confuse...

    1) '81-'81 L28ET Auto Air Cond Part#24012-P9002
    2) '81-'81 *FED.(2S 4S).(L28E L28ET).MT.F5.J Part#24012-P7906
    3) '81-'81 (2S+4S).(L28E+L28ET).MT.J Part#24012-P7900

    First I'm in Canada, so it should be a canadian model, but it is a turbo in the same way. The VIN number should be no the same of turbo or Canadian model. My VIN say Turbo.

    Next in 1981 the turbo model was only auto tranny. In '82-'83 they do some MT turbo. So why on 2) they have MT application on '81 L28ET??

    Maybe it's the same wiring harness for Auto or MT tranny??
    Maybe the harness fit on Turbo or non-turbo??
    Should I change my computer
    Any best Idea be appreciable..
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    Your most most likely not getting any replies because this site is focused on the S30 model Z cars....nothing on later models! Sorry!

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    You should be able to use your stock harness, but you will need to by pass the inhibitor switch. It keeps the car from starting when you are not in Park or Neutral. You'll need to find the rlay for that and bypass it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 240ZX View Post
    Your most most likely not getting any replies because this site is focused on the S30 model Z cars....nothing on later models! Sorry!
    Not entirely true. It's just that there are differences between the S30 and S130 electronics and I'm still learning but we do have members who are knowlegable on the S130. They just haven't chimed in yet. I do know that you can't use a non turbo ECU in a turbo car because they, both the ECU connector and the ECU, are totally different. Non turbo ECUs have a 35 pin connector. Turbo ECUs actually have three connectors with 20, 16, and 15 pins. Like turbo 260 said, keep your stock harness and ECU and bypass the inhibitor. The simplest was to do that is put a jumper between the wires that connect to the nuetral switch on the side of the automatic trans or crimp them together since you probably don't plan to switch it back to an auto trans. I believe those wires are black and green/blue tracer.
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