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    Hi- I have a 1972z, and there is a Allison XR700 Electronic ignition with a CraneCams HI-6 Discharge ignition with auto sequence rev limiter in my car, it was installed before I bought the car.
    The tach is not working, and I was wondering where does the tach connect to with this system. THANKS@

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    The tach in your '72 is current driven, it was wired in line with the coil. This setup is not compatible with your Crane CDI HI6 unit. You need to get a tach adapter which connects to the tach signal output of the HI6 (green wire) and delivers a compatible signal to your tacho. Crane, MSD and Mallory offer such adapters, i think the Crane part no was 8920 but please check again to be sure.
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