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Thread: Tail Light and Dash Light Problem

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    Default Tail Light and Dash Light Problem

    I had the interior of the car out while doing all the floorpans and supports along with a T/C mount rebuild. After putting the car back together I ended up with a new problem. All lights work, turn signals, headlights, brakes, and dash lights, until I turn on the headlights and I loose the rear running lights, and license plate light, additionally the dash lights go out.

    Checking the FSM, I can see the license plate light and rear lights connected to the same problem, but not the dash lights.

    Am I missing a common point between these problems or am I facing two different issues? The reason I think they are related, is when I have dash lights I also have the lights on the rear of the car. It only is a problem with the headlights on, parking lights I have everything. I am a bit confused.

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    Sounds like something Dave (Zs-Ondabrain) might be able to assist with due to his familiarity with these systems. Where are ya Dave?
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    Check the wiring around your combo switch, especially the grounds.
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    Quote Originally Posted by =Enigma= View Post
    Sounds like something Dave (Zs-Ondabrain) might be able to assist with due to his familiarity with these systems. Where are ya Dave?
    Trying to work on the damn 260Z again. It's almost a lost cause with all the other stuff going on around my house.


    The Parking light circuit includes.....
    Dash lights
    Front and rear side markers
    Rear taillights
    Front marker lights (in the turn signal housing
    License plate lights

    This is the major reason behind my Parking light upgrade harness.
    I'm willing to bet that your front sidemarkers and lower markers are also out.
    That being said, It sounds like your Combo switch is faulty. It happens more often than you'd think. The teeter totter contacts are not being pressed down hard enough in the second position (headlights on)

    I would start with removing the switch and attempting to repair the switch. Just don't lose any parts and DO NOT USE REGULAR GREASE. Use a very small amount of Di-electric grease on the bullet track (the area that the spring loaded bullet slides on)

    As you can tell from the list above, Th parking light circuit has about 19 bulbs, 30+ feet of wire, one Rheostat and a butt load of old connectors and one switch. The fusebox and the combo switch take the heaviest hit by switching and supplying the needed power for all that old wiring and bulbs.

    I'm not trying to push business my way, as I could always use a day off, but it also sounds like it's time to get my PLH (parking light upgrade harness) and my HLH (Headlight Relay Upgrade Harness) The will introduce Relays into a tired system and put power back into the systems and remove the heavy amperage loads that destroy the combo switch and fusebox.
    Email me at for more info, pricing and other details.

    Also, Use the search engine to find different threads on the same subject.

    Also, clean your fuses and fuse clips when you get a chance. Also make sure all your grounds are in tip top shape (Start with the one above the engine harness, below the battery tray)
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