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Thread: indicator and dip switch ..

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    Default indicator and dip switch ..

    240X 1973 UK model.

    I have at last got down to putting my 240z back together, not that it was together when I got it. Just boxes of bits and lots of rust. I have a question regarding the indicator switch.

    The combination switch on the steering column looks to be the right one. The switch that controls the light / wipers etc has the same colour wires in the multi plugs that match up exactly to the connections coming from the dash loom. no problem there. The issue I have is with the indicator switch. This has a passing button at the top by the way.

    The wires colours {colors} on the plugs do not correspond to wire colours coming from the dash loom. I do not want to power up anything until I ask.. so here is what I have:

    From the dip / indicator switch: Large plug looking straight down at the connections top horizontal colour is red and white. right hand one is Red and yellow and the left one is red and black.
    On the loom from the dash its red and white top, right hand one is green and black and the left hand one is red and black.... no match there except the white and red at the top and the red and black on the left. so it appears that the red and yellow does no match up to the green and black..

    Small multiplug looking down at it from the front with the recess at the top. from the switch top Black, middle red & white, bottom White and black.
    from the dash loom top red and white, middle green and black, bottom green and red.

    Then a single lead on it's own from the switch is white from the loom it's green these have a male and female spade connection.

    Question is if you followed that confusing babble is.. do I have the right switch.. should the colours match up to the dash loom plugs.. if not then I need some help as I dont have the right switch.. is there a work round to make it work?

    Gawd... all help appreciated from our Z brothers in the US.. thanks.

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    The colors do not match on my '70 240Z. I have no idea if someone has changed switches/wiring harnesses before I bought the car.

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