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Thread: flex lite fan part number

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    Default flex lite fan part number

    i want to buy flex lite electronic fans kit for my 240z.i want a help to get a part number for this kit.
    also my friend told me if i install this electronic fan kit the car electricity become weak.
    is that right?
    he suggest i have to install msd ignition control unit,
    if that correct does anyone know the right part number for the msd also?
    any affect for the tach or anything else?

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    I'm not familiar with an electronic flex fan but when my fan clutch seized back in the late 70s I installed a standard[at least back then] flex fan on my Series 1 and drove it for another 15+years with no issues. It functioned perfectly in all conditions from below freezing to above 100 F. My impression back then was the flex fan robbed less horsepower than the original fan. If I had it to do over again I would make the same choice as before. Just some food for thought.
    Mark in Portland

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