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>>anyone out there know how to install e12-80 distributer to stock 71 240 with
>>stock wirering and stock coil thanx duane k.

4/25/2000, craig001@mc.duke.edu wrote:
>Is this the one with the EI module bolted to the side of the distributor?
>I did
>this to my 73 240 with the dist. out of an 83 ZX.

Hi Guys (everyone):
An additional comment for thoes following this thread...

The EI module should be mounted on a heat sink - on the inner-fenderwell.
It's original position on the side of the distributor was not a good one -
too much heat there. (mounted on the distributor and right above the
exhaust manifold).

Heat shortens the duty life of the EI Module - and the Nissan EI Modules
are expensive. It can be swapped out with the GM (two prong) units which
are far less expensive and can be purchased just about anywhere.

There are a couple of write-up's on the Z Car Home Page related to this
subject - it would make sense to me, to do the complete change over while
your at it ie. :
- add the 280Z or ZX distributor
- replace the Nissan EI Module with the GM Module
- replace the Coil with a Coil suited for EI ignition
- mount the EI Module on the innerfender where it stays cool

>I also shorted the ballast resistor but it didn't
>seem to make a difference whether or not I did this.

It would not make any difference as far as starting the car - no keeping it
running. It could make a difference over the long run however, as far as
ignition component live goes. Maybe someone with the knowledge would be
kind enought to explain why.


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