After all the work I've put into repairing the rusty area
under the battery tray... I will *NEVER* replace a battery
with the water/acid type again. The gel batteries are cool
because they never leak and you can mount them in any direction.

A few types are available. You've probably seen the Optima
at various locations. Plan on spending at least $100.

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> Well, My suggestion first is to pull the alternator, it may
> be on the fritz,
> and burning up the battery. Just take it to any auto parts
> store, they
> should be able to test it for free. Next if that checks
> out, also check
> all the battery connections, those may have a short somewhere, but my
> feeling is that won't be the problem. The other thing to
> check is the
> voltage regulator, it is right next to the alternator and is
> mounted on the
> wheel well. I don't know how you would go about checking one
> of these,
> (maybe there is how-to out there). But that could also be
> putting bad power
> into the battery causing it to crack.
> As for batteries, maybe check out a solid battery as oppose
> to a lead-acid.
> They don't have acid in them, and only cost on average $20
> bucks more then a
> good lead-acid.
> -- Chris
> '72 240

Mike Gholson
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