Anybody have problems with an MSA header ?
I bought a MSA 3-2 coated header for my 260 and have since sent it back to them. I believe it's badly manufactured since on bolting it up the carbs(early SU's) are essentially touching the second pipe. There's plenty of room for routing it so there'd be much more clearance, like the other five pipes. MSA says it's bolted up on their showroom floor and has an 1/8" clearance with both same early carbs and an E88 head. I've never dealt with a header before, but considering the heat issues with the car I think I'd be insane to have so little space there. Has anybody run into this issue before with this header ? Has anybody seen that little clearance before and not had problems ? Finally, what alternative headers are out there ?

It's either gonna get on the road or sold this year