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Thread: exhaust temp gauges- how do i use them

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    Default exhaust temp gauges- how do i use them

    my 240z has had two bungs welded onto two of the tubes of the long tube headers that run to two exhaust temp gauges inside the car. they appear to the the frontmost and rearmost cylinders.

    what are these for and how do i use them? they both register about 1400 degrees while running at 4K RPM in 4th.

    its a recent rebello SCCA-ITS motor- mostly stock 2.4 I6. the timing has been retarded to run on pump gas.



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    Default EGT

    Exhaust Gas Temperatures are a great way (probably the best) to check for correct mixture and optimal carburator setup. The temps you are experiencing are about 50 degrees hotter than what I ususally run at 6500rpm while racing. You may want to richen things up just a tad to get things down around 1300-1350 degrees.

    Number one and six are the correct cylinders to check EGT on also.

    Hope this helps some.
    Rick Hanson
    HANSON Motorsports

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