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Thread: to 2.6 or not to 2.6, that is the question...

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    Default to 2.6 or not to 2.6, that is the question...

    i just aquired an L26, best part is, for free! i just pulled it down to the short block and so far it looks pretty decent. all i'm thinking is just a re-ring and fresh bearings. i figure i'd probably need to do that to the 35 year old L24 anyway.
    the main reason i even picked it up is the L24 has a sticky intake valve and i know i'm going to have to pull that head for the machine work. so i thought i'd get this engine and just use the head but considering it appears (so far) that the bottom end is in pretty decent shape anyway, why not drop in the extra displacement?
    now, i am planning on a header and arizona Z 4-bbl intake manifold. plus i am going to spend some quality time with the head and my dremel.
    so what say you?

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    Just drop the L26 in there and fix the L24 when you have nothing better to do. L26 should give you a little more rwhp and would use the carbs a bit better with the increased displacement.

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    Stay away from the 4 bbl. Less HP than stock S/U's.
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