I know this has been discussed many times and I've read the archives, but I have a bit of a different need.

Before our race, I want to replace the clutch in my 74.5 260Z LeMons car. I cannot spend much money due to the rules, so I can't simply get a Nissan clutch or other quality unit. That said I still need it to be decent. I have found lots of REALLY cheap clutch kits on ebay which is what I will probably be forced to use, but I don't know which to get. I have never had a 260 before and everything seems to be a hassle. Every kit is either for a 240 or a 280. Does anybody know if a late 260 is the same as a '75 280? Everything else on the car seems to be, but I couldn't find if the clutch/flywheel is 280 or 240. The best deal I found was for a reman clutch from Fort Wayne Clutch and Driveline. It says it fits for everything from 74-89(???). and it's only $59 shipped for the full kit. I don't know if a reman kit from a "local" shop is better or worse that a new kit from an unknown supplier.

Reman kit

New kit

Here is another new kit that says it's for a 260. It's a bit more and they charge shipping.

Any ideas? I don't want to throw away money, but yet must keep the cost to a bare minimum.