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Thread: Manifold washers

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    Default Manifold washers

    I'm getting ready to bolt up my manifolds on the turbo motor soon. All of my washers are old and I wasn't wanting to know if they are supposed to be concave where the nut is applied, or are they bent from use?
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    Do you know where my Grandpa's 240z is? He sold it around 1994. I think it was a 72. It was orange with black interior and some sort of scissors style aftermarket crank up sunroof. I think it was sold to a fellow pharmacist and I think he was from Egg Harbor Wisconsin. At the time the car had between 32-36k original miles. He sold it for the lowly sum of $3000-$3500. My grandpa passed away a few years ago and I would like to know its whereabouts.

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    Actually they are convex where the nut goes- concave towards the manifold
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