Well, heres whats going on...
I do not currently own a Z but I will (hopfully!) by late august. What I am trying to learn is 1. What are the major faults with the engine and what is most likely to go wrong. 2. What is the engine code? 3. What should I look for (engine wise) when I am looking for a Z? 4. What mods/restoration things would you suggest first?

This will be my first car as some of you know just from my other posts so I am looking for a car that I can take to the track, drive to school and take up to the mountains as I go up there very often. I was planning on a 240sx but decided on the Z after seeing and riding in one and I was in love I will be buying a Z somewhere in the 3500-4000 dollar range so it wont be perfect but it will be in fairly good conditions. I am not looking for a very fast car at all and I am more interested in handling than anything but I want to know what engine mods would be a very good idea/needed to make it great. Also I would like to know how hard these are to perform because though I have gotten a pretty good idea of how all the Z's engine compartment is set up, my expertise right now is in subarus as my entire familly owns them and I work on a bunch. Any help would be great!
P.S.: Lol, if this makes no sense just tell me because I am REALLY tired now (Damn finals) so I am not really with it now!