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Thread: HELP!!! am i gonna pass?

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    Default HELP!!! am i gonna pass?

    i live in the dominca republic of 76 280z blows some oil in the exhaust is it gonna pass smog? a ball park figure ? i think its blow by smoke...please help, and what is this i heard about putting methanol or alcohol about a gallon in a half tank and the car running super clean? (smog reasons clean) well let me know thanx a lot,
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    just do a goood tune up and give it a shot, if the test is anything like washington a little oil smoke wont affect it.

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    First of all have the shop do a pretest only....and scope the engine at idle AND speed....

    then change the oil to 30 weight....and add a can of 6 cyl restore to help compression (blowby is a result of worn rings...)

    then, change the plugs, go with hotter plugs....they help the engine burn cleaner. clean the cap and rotor or replace....check the plug wires to see if they are good...if not replace...

    check the intake for vacuum leaks as these will ramp up the HCs
    by using propanecan and a hose on the nozzle....when idling run the hose around the intake gasket...if the car speeds up then you have an intake that is not sealed....this will cause a false lean condition and ramp up HC's
    and make your car burn hotter than normal...

    Make sure your cold start valve is not dumping fuel into your engine causing a rich condition....also check the thermo time switch (this enriches the mixture by switching the cold start valve on)

    Adjust your valves to make sure your compression isn't being leaked out, causing low compression and High HC's (this is what happens when they are too tight) too loose and your valves won't open for the full duration the cam is designed for...causing poor performance and elevated emissions.

    new air filter, and check your PCV valve below the intake....if it rattles, then it is good....if not replace...

    if you have the EGR valve get it checked...(the smog guys can check it for you)

    Check timing and make sure it is at spec.

    you should be fine....
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