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Thread: Fuel Sump w/o baffel?????

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    Question Fuel Sump w/o baffel?????

    I just had my tank media blasted, boiled, and sealed. While doing so I delivered a Competition Engineering sump to be installed as a part of my fuel system upgrade.

    When I got it back, instead of drilling out three - five holes in the floor of the tank and welding in the sump, they cut out the bottom of the tank the size of the while sump. As a result the sump is now not baffled. I don't like it and am not happy with it but the vendor basically said, "Too bad unless you want to pay us to fix it."

    I took my tank and left.

    I have a real concern about the sump not being baffled properly and in low fuel situations allowing for fuel starvation. Am I right to be concerned or am I worrying about nothing?
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    In a fuel injected engine, baffled tank is a requirement. Go back and complain. They left you with an un-usable tank. Take a large friend, preferably one in a uniform. Or one dressed like a lawyer.
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