Over the past few years it has become apparent to us here at CZCC that some of our members have great ideas to share with others. If you are a member and produce a product in your spare time, you could use a place to discuss your ideas or products with others. This is the forum where you can do it. Feel free to use this forum at your own free will with the following rules:

  1. Your idea must be Z related.
  2. Your idea must be sold as a hobbyist and not professionally.
  3. Your idea must be limited to this forum.
  4. Self promotions cannot be in your signature.
  5. Products promoted here will not be promoted in other forums.
  6. Idea traded here are owned by the original poster and cannot be copied without written consent.
  7. Ideas or products discussed here cannot negatively impact current sponsors of this club.
  8. All posts in this forum imply you agree with the Terms of Service agreement.
  9. Posts in this forum will only be seen by members, and will be limited to this forum.
  10. Users selling products professionally will be asked to join the club as a sponsor.