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Thread: Short CV shafts for 300ZX turbo CV conversions

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    Default Short CV shafts for 300ZX turbo CV conversions

    Through a thread on Hybrid Z on CV axle problems I've developed a new short CV axle set for people running Modern Motorsports CV adapters. The thread is here:

    What I am offering is a pair of Z31T CV axles shortened to fit a 240Z running Modern Motorsports CV adapters. I haven't checked lengths on 280Zs but I think they would be the same. These shafts will be sold with no joints, just the bare shafts, LH and RH side, and are chromoly with the inner snap ring groove removed and the splines tapered to substitute. Tapering the splines instead of cutting straight through them for a snap ring removes a blatant stress riser right at the worst possible place, and due to the better material and better design these shafts should be significantly stronger than stock. Shortening the shafts we will keep the CV joints from bottoming out on the shaft. When the CV bottoms, it makes other parts of the suspension flex in order for the suspension to move disrupting handling, and can put severe loads into the differential, using the side gear inside the differential as the suspension bump stop.

    If we can get an order of 10 pairs, the price will be $500 per pair. These will be SETS of shafts. If you want to order the LH shaft ONLY and use the stock LH shaft on the RH side as discussed in the thread, you can do that now via the M2 website here, the cost will be $350: http://m2differentia...ducts_id=10269. Once 10 or more buyers come together I will order and pay for the shafts and then when they are delivered to me (2-4 weeks) I will notify you and you can place your order via the website. If there isn't enough demand for 10 sets, I will just sell them at the regular price of $575 on the M2 website: http://m2differentia...ducts_id=10270.

    Sign up at Hybrid Z if you want to commit to ordering a pair of axles:

    Single shaft (shown with original):
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	lhz31cv.JPG 
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ID:	48892

    Pair of shafts:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	cv2.JPG 
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ID:	48893

    Spline detail:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	cv1.JPG 
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ID:	48894
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    Hi Jon i know you are out of business with this to bad for me.

    And i got chequered flag racing axle and companion flanges but my z31t are to long do you have the lenght

    that they should be so i can have mine shorten ?



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    Hi I have 2 pairs left right now.
    Z 31 half shafts are designed to allow you to install the Z31 CV into your 1970-1978 Z car. They are made out of 4340, heat treated and black zinc coated. They are the correct size so no need to flip you CV cages. Sold in pairs

    1 set axles $ 320.00

    Thanks Joe
    Chequered Flag Home Page

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