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Thread: how do I nail these problems

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    Default how do I nail these problems

    I am finding that a few things are not working well on my 75 280z and am not certain how I should go about tackling these problems. I have posted questions relating to this car before but it has reached a point where I don't know where to start.

    A little background: I bought the l28 engine from a chap a few months ago who had a 75 280 also. When I pulled the dipstick, the oil was black (Dirty) and smelled like the usual old oil. The plugs seemed to have the usual carbon build up. There was no smell of fuel or coolant. I put fresh oil and coolant after I installed the engine and fired it up.

    The #4 cylinder was not firing. There was spark on the plug but injector was not clicking. I ran seafoam through the vaccum line on the intake manifold and also poured a third in the fuel tank. There was a lot of white smoke as usual but it went away after 10 minutes. This seemed to have cleared the injector as it was clicking now and the cylinder was firing.

    Since then, I have had other troubles.
    > After engine warms up, there is white smoke bellowing from the exhaust
    > The temperature guage remains halfway
    > Coolant level drops slightly each time the engine is run
    > The oil has not gotten milky but just slightly light brownish (light chocolate)
    > There is fuel on all the spark plugs now. Wasn't there before.
    > I can smell fuel in the oil as well

    How do I go about dealing with this? Where do I start? I want to keep it stock.

    This baby is not a daily driver so I have time.

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    You were given some answers are in the other (Alumiseal) thread.
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