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    Exclamation Really Fast idle

    Well, earlier i had posted a picture of my engine all torn apart so i could clean it up a bit. Everything from the air cleaners to the Intake Manifold came off. It was running great before hand, but now that ive put it all back on its running really really fast.

    First time starting it up, once it had a sip of gas it went right up to 5k before i shut her off. I pulled the fast idle scew down as far as it could go and im still idleing between 3-4k rpm with the choke out in the fully forward position.

    I havent moved any screws on the carbs while they were out and i put the choke lines back where there were in the first place. So which scews do i use and which way do i turn them to get the revs lower?

    HELP! :-P

    Heres what we have
    Resto in progress:
    1972 HLS30-73872

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    Here ya go....

    #1 Loosen counter-clockwise. The is a fast idle screw, used for ballancing the carbs at 3000 rpm with a flow meter. Never used unless ballancing the carbs, loosen till it don't touch the plate.

    #2 carb linkage ballance screw, loosen counter-clockwise. This screw helps make sure that the linkage hits both carbs at the same time. Eyeball this one to see that the carbs both move at the same time when you throttle up.

    #3 rear carb idle screw. loosen until the rear carb linkage no longer moves, then turn in (clockwise) about 1 turn, do the same for the same style and positioned screw on the front carb.

    #4 is no longer needed, as it's part of your old, non used, choke system.? I think. Either way, turn is out and use a zip-tie to lock that bracket to the throttle linkage arm that it's near.

    Also, Make sure your return springs are good and attached on both sides.


    The attached picture is Your picture, but with numbered arrows
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