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Thread: NEED help with wiring.

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    Unhappy NEED help with wiring.

    Hi, im kinda new to this forum. I just recently bought my 240z and have put a ton of effort into making it run (It ran about 2 years ago fine based on what the guy who sold it to me said). At first I wasnt getting any fuel but after swapping all my hose's, hardlines, filters and pumps I finally got fuel squirting from the carbs. Sad to say that wasnt the end of the issues, it still wont start. Now after allot of inspection I noticed the guy had done allot of fiddling with the electrical stuff behind the dash so much so its hard to use the diagram to track colors because he changed half of them. Well anyway I was wondering if some one could please help me by posting a few good pictures of there passenger side wiring particularly to the ecu looking thing. I have a late model 1973 240Z. THANK YOU!!!!! ANY HELP IS MUCH APPRECIATED.

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    If your wiring harnesses are hopeless, I believe you can replace them with reproduction harnesses. A factory service manual is going to be your best friend, if you don't already have one.
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