I'm new here. Have found this site useful in the past and hope that I can draw on this pool of knowledge. After registering I found there is much more to enjoy.

My 77 280 needed a few things taken care of before I felt comfortable putting it on the market. I procrastinated the last thing..the brake warning light never went off. I checked the ebrake switch, leaks, pressure differential switch and bled the brakes. The last thing could fathum trying was the relay under the passenger seat. I unplugged it and the light went off, only now it won't come on and my oil pressure and fuel guage stopped working? It blows the fuel guage fuse! Is the relay under the seat connected to the guages or is this a strange coincidence? Additionally, since I unplugged the relay the white charge light stays on in the voltmeter..? The ebrake light will not come and the fuse blows with the relay connected or not. The electrical worked fine except for the brake warning light before I disconnected that relay. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.