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Thread: help me a mechanic worked on my z and blew my engine

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    Default help me a mechanic worked on my z and blew my engine

    I have an 85 k mile 72 240z I started to restore someone recomended a mechanic who swore he knew these cars in and out . The job was simple to put a new head on my car which ive owned 15 years and never had engine trouble other than the head . I got back my car and the head sounded to loud I told the mechanic he swore it was fine and I drove it a while but I was still not sure . I planned a trip with my kid and I called the mechanic before I left and asked if he was sure the car was fine he said yes and I left . On the way over my car ran great but when i got to where i was going the temp gauge was fluctuating alot and I called him he said it was ok so on the way home my car engine ceased I called him and gave him an earfull of not so kind words and he sent his friend to pick me up for 150 bucks of course. The car was dropped at my house and I remember trying to turn the engine over plenty of times before he took it to his house . I got a call the day after and he told me the engine wasn't ceased that it turned over on the first try I thought hmmm ,,. He then tryed to tell me the remenufactured head I bought from a well known online z part suplier failed again hmmm. Next he told me my timing chain jumped and I almost busted up laughing . Here is what I am looking for some one to get intouch with that can tell me what he did wrong .

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    where are you located? might help us provide you with support or a resource.
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    Also, from which well known online Datsun parts supplier did you get your head? I can think of a couple of them that are well known in a way that's not so good.
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    I'm thinking you have a blown head gasket based on temp flux and the ceasing (hydro lock), timing could also be an issue.

    FWIW, if you go to a mechanic to "do your dirty work", you get a whole lot further treating him with kid gloves, than you do cursing and screaming. Most "mechanics" these days are nothing more than parts swappers and are quickly over their heads when they can't find a place to plug in their computer to tell them what's wrong. And carb problems, forget about it, they cant even adjust the linkage.

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