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Thread: DESPERATE: need 1975 280z fuel tank!

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    Default DESPERATE: need 1975 280z fuel tank!

    I've got a 75 280z that is in incredible condition, with the exception of the fuel tank. I was filling it up at a gas station amidst a road trip when I heard a noise, looked under the back and saw the gas trickling out in a steady stream. I am very vigilant when it comes to checking under the car for leaks of any kind (I had a break fluid leak for a bit that I repaired, but ever cautious now) - so this thing apparently had started to rust through, and at that moment, it rusted through enough around the nipples to cause a leak. I've been stranded in Greenfield, MA for over a week. The repair guys said this is not a patchable job, and that they could not locate a tank. So, for 24 hours I searched and found what seemed to be the right one on ebay, had it shipped, it arrived a few days ago, and the repair guys realized today that it is not the right one. The Z Car Source guys in Phoenix refuse to sell me a reconditioned one because they don't want my rusted one as the exchange. I'm stuck here trying to find a solution, making hundreds of calls and searching the web, with no luck. I am willing to have this thing shipped from anywhere within the US - does ANYONE have any suggestions for places to look, or perhaps people they know that might have one? Thanks so much!!

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